Flat Belly Detox is a 21-day regime designed to thin out your digestive juices to unclog your system that is making it so difficult to lose weight. It’s a 100% safe, natural and effective way to kick start your weight loss journey and you can even lose up to 1.5 pounds a week. No, there’s no need to do some ancient voodoo stretches or take a magic pill, nor do you have to starve yourself or deprive your diet of flavor. You just have to eat delicious foods that are particularly beneficial for your digestive system, and this program gives you all the information and recipes needed to do just that.



Flat Belly Detox is an online weight loss regime that is designed to flush your body of fat-causing toxins for the next 21-days… Without having to take several bathroom breaks. The system is designed to thin out your digestive juices to unclog your system which is essentially harboring fat and making it difficult, if not impossible, for the fat to be released from your body. This is all done through a three-step process which focuses on:

  • Step #1: Instant Energy for Breakfast
  • Step #2: Lean Lunch
  • Step #3: Soup Detox Dinner

Now, just from the steps that define the program, you’ll quickly notice that you do not have to deprive yourself of flavor and foods, nor do you have to count a ton of calories. Instead, Flat Belly Detox lets you eat delicious foods. The only difference is that the foods it recommends and provides recipes for also help to get rid of those toxins that are clogging up your system. The program explains all of this in more detail to you so you’ll know the true ins and outs of Flat Belly Detox before you even get started.

The system is broken down into different eBooks and videos to ensure easy and enjoyable reading. Yes, detoxing and melting away body fat can be fun. I’ll elaborate on what you can expect from the different components in just a moment but first, here’s a sneak peek:

  1. Main Manual
  2. Quick Start Video
  3. Bedtime Belly Detox eBook
  4. 5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly Video
  5. 10 Exercise Videos
  6. Bonus: 24-Hour Cheat-Tox Video
  7. Bonus: Fat-Burning Restaurant Survival Guide Video
  8. Bonus: Accelerate Fat-Burning Formula Video
  9. Bonus: #1 Vegetable to Never Eat


The download page for Derek Wahler’s Flat Belly Detox

How’s that for a lot of bang for your buck? More importantly, it’s all you need to kick start your weight loss and healthy journey, and you don’t even have to wait for shipping to get started. As soon as you purchase Flat Belly Detox, you receive immediate access where you can go to download the content onto your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You can also watch the videos online if you do not want to take up valuable storage on your devices. Now, not only is having the program in a digital form convenient, but it also helps you finally achieve your health and fitness goals because you always have the system with you. At a restaurant and having a vulnerable moment? Pull up the Restaurant Survival Video for a refresher. Working at home? Watch the videos on your tablet. Heading to bed and want to read the Bedtime Belly Detox eBook? Pull out the program on your laptop. The options are endless which makes it difficult to find those dreadful yet common excuses we all have.

The best part? You can try the program for two months before deciding whether it’s for you. The Flat Belly Detox comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which is more than enough time to see healthy results. Plus, you can even be burning up to 1.5 lbs of stubborn fat each week, so by the 8th week, you’ll definitely know if you enjoy your newfound health, fitness, and weight loss.


Derek Wahler, also known as Coach Derek, is the man behind Flat Belly Detox. Unlike other programs that use a fake name and a photo of someone endorsing the system, Derek is a real person. A quick search online and you’ll find his personal social media profiles. As for his professional expertise, Derek is a certified turbulence trainer, a certified fitness trainer and the author of many successful weight loss programs. His approach is unique in the sense that he focuses on regimes that involve making small adjustments to see big changes.


Prepare for the most difficult parts of losing weight to be taken care of for you. Flat Belly Detox has done all the hard work and put together a step-by-step, meal-by-meal, movement-by-movement regime for you to follow. From your coffee to your snacks, lunches, dinners, detox and more, everything you need can be found in the program.

To give you an idea of what you can expect from the regime as a whole, here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics and delicious recipes covered:


The table of contents for Derek Wahler’s Flat Belly Detox’s Main Manual PDF.


  • Welcome
    • Step #1: Instant Energy for Breakfast
    • Instant Energy Recipe
    • White Coffee Recipe
    • Step #2: Lean Lunch
    • Step #3: Soup Detox Dinner
  • Lean Lunch Options
    • Example
    • Beverages
    • Snacks
  • Soup Dinner Detox Recipes
    • French Chicken Soup
    • Italian Sausage Soup
    • Lemony Chicken Soup
    • Soup Mexicana
    • Sweet Potato Soup
  • Detox Workouts
  • Metabolism Window Trick to Burn 20% More Belly Fat Daily
  • 15 Delicious Fat-Flushing Recipes
    • Egg Muffins
    • Fat-Burning Devilled Eggs
    • Pumpkin Protein Smoothie
    • Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Remove This and Watch Your Belly Shrink
  • Putting It All Together
  • List of Fat-Burning Foods to Have At Home


  • Introduction
  • Other Tips and Tricks
    • Set Your Thermostat to 70 Degrees or Colder
    • Meditate
    • Progressive Relaxation Technique
    • Avoid Caffeine After 3 PM
    • Brain Dump
    • Spritz Real Lavender Spray on Your Pillow
  • Soothing Detox Teas to Have Before Bed
    • White Tea
    • Green Tea
    • Oolong Tea
    • Peppermint Tea
    • Rooibos Tea
    • Ashwagandha Tea
    • Bilberry Tea
    • Chamomile Tea
  • Belly Slimming Herbs and Spices


  • Fat-Burning Belly Blaster
  • 4-Minute Cardio Burn
  • Metabolic Burn
  • Flat Belly Blast
  • 4-Minute Cardio Burst
  • Lean Body Blast
  • Flat Belly Challenge
  • Belly Fat Incinerator
  • Lean and Fit
  • Sculpt and Shred

Plus, you also receive:

  • Quick Start Video
  • 5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly Video
  • Bonus: 24-Hour Cheat-Tox Video
  • Bonus: Fat-Burning Restaurant Survival Guide Video
  • Bonus: Accelerate Fat-Burning Formula Video
  • Bonus: #1 Vegetable to Never Eat



The advantages are clear to see. Flat Belly Detox is exceptionally comprehensive. It tackles both your diet and fitness, without making the two feel like a chore. This is worth taking note of because the top weight loss professionals say that losing sustainable weight is 80% diet and 20% fitness. More importantly, this program hits those percentages fairly accurately.

I also really enjoyed how delicious the recipes were. When you think of dieting, you immediately think of unenjoyable food; when you think of detoxing, you immediately think of having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I’m happy to say that not only did I not have to “detox” on the toilet but I also got to enjoy the foods I was eating.

Having the program in digital format is also a great benefit, as it made it easy to stick to the 21-day detox regime because I had what I needed, whenever I needed it.

As for the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you just can’t go wrong with that. This gives you an extra boost of confidence knowing that you can try the system out for two months before deciding if it’s for you. Chances are, you won’t want to return those pounds you’ve lost.


There really wasn’t one disadvantage to the program that stuck out to me. If I had to pick something, perhaps it would be a nice feature to be able to get the program in digital form. Some people do prefer holding a book and popping in a DVD, so that would be the only thing I would suggest adding. Though, there are many benefits to having the program in digital form that you simply wouldn’t get if the program was physical. Plus, you’d have to pay and wait for shipping. To each their own though.


Flat Belly Detox is a non-bathroom-crashing detox program that flushes your digestive tract of toxins that make it difficult for your body to shed stubborn fat. It’s 100% natural, safe and effective – and hey, you have two months to try it with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose. Well, other than pounds.

Flat Belly Detox final header

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