Language of Desire Review: What’s The Naughty Secret? Does It Work?

Language of Desire gives women an inside look at the sexual psychology of a man so that women can finally get what they want and when they want it. This online program, designed exclusively for women, teaches you everything there is to know about a man and more importantly, what to do to get him craving for your attention. You don’t need to be in a relationship, nor do you have to do anything out of character; you don’t have to change who you are or what you believe in. This program is all about tugging at a man’s heartstrings by doing some subtle techniques that set off the alarm on their desire trigger. So, whether you’re fed up with the lack of attention from your current beau, are single and ready to mingle, are married and eager to revitalize your love life, in a long-distance relationship – you name it, Language of Desire teaches you the secrets that put love in the palm of your hands… Quite literally.



Language of Desire makes it easy to tap into the sexual psychology of your man. This online program designed exclusively for women teaches you the techniques that will make all the difference in your relationships – whether it’s a one-night relationship with some guy you met at a local pub one night or a 20-year relationship with your husband. This program is for any woman who wants the upper hand when it comes to getting what they want in and outside of the bedroom. It gives you an insider’s look at what your man really wants and what is going to keep him yearning for your attention.

The entire program is broken down into separate sections to make it easy to understand and retain the sexy tips, techniques, and secrets revealed to you throughout the program. The best part? Each section comes with worksheets which makes it even easier to turn your newfound information into action. I’ll explain these sections in just a bit but first, here’s a glimpse at what you can expect from Language of Desire:

  1. Become a Sexual Superwoman
  2. Loving Man’s Best Friend
  3. Brain Chemistry and Sex
  4. Erotic Action Movie Technique
  5. Desire Intensifiers
  6. Upgrade Your Relationship Status
  7. Getting Your Fantasies Met
  8. When Sex Isn’t Possible
  9. Dirty Talk Mastery


You even receive some bonus content for free! These bonuses are:

  1. Silent Seduction
  2. Good Girl’s Guide to Texting Dirty
  3. Unstoppable Confidence

Now, everything is online so you don’t have to worry about your man finding out your dirty little secret. You can access the program online or download it onto the tech device of your choices, such as your tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. Having the program on your technology will serve as an extra benefit, as you have access to your expert guide whenever and wherever you are. Say you’re at the bar and struggling to get someone’s attention; simply pull out your phone, re-read a section and work your magic!

But I get it… Men are complicated! In a world of right swipes, you may have lost all confidence that you can get – and keep any man you want. Well, it’s time to get rid of that insecurity and enjoy the extra boost of confidence that comes with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Felicity Keith is the creator of the Language of Desire, and she serves as your expert guide on everything dirty talk, erotic fantasy and of course, the sexual psychology of men. She is a regular woman just like you. The only difference is that she has cracked the secret code to the erotic mind of a man which she discovered after going on her own personal quest to discovering what makes men tick. What she found is exactly what you’ll find in this powerful program.


Men are complicated and getting the answers you’re looking for requires a comprehensive program – and you guessed it, the Language of Desire is as comprehensive as they get. In this system, you navigate your way through the psychology of a man, so you can finally understand exactly what it takes to get your man – or any man sexually obsessed with you.


The table of contents for Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire program.

To give you an idea of some of the things you discover throughout the program, here’s a sneak peeks at the sections:


  1. Being Dirty with Dignity
  2. The Madonna Moan
  3. Fear of the Slut Label
  4. Worksheets


  1. Understanding His Sex Drive
  2. Love the Penis
  3. Rethinking Pornography
  4. The Porn Destroyer
  5. Worksheets


  1. Desire, Sex, and Our Primitive Brains
  2. The Cuddle Hormone
  3. Pavlov’s Erection
  4. Sexual Singularity
  5. Worksheets


  1. The Erotic Action Movie
  2. Writing Your Movie
  3. Delivery Worksheet


  1. Crank Up the Heat
  2. Tease Intensified
  3. Oral Intensifier
  4. Verbal Viagra Method
  5. The Boiled Frog
  6. Worksheet


  1. Dirty Talk for the Single and Dating
  2. Monogamous Male Maximizer
  3. Friend to Fantasy
  4. Worksheet


  1. Planting Desire Seeds
  2. Lust Mirror
  3. Using Erotic Telepathy
  4. The Romance Rotator
  5. 50 Shades of Experimenting
  6. Worksheet


  1. When Sex Isn’t Possible
  2. Dirty from a Distance
  3. No Touch Lay
  4. The Invisible Chastity Belt
  5. Worksheet


  1. What To Do If He’s a Cold Fish
  2. Overcoming Objections
  3. Fine-Turning Your Technique
  4. Planning Dirty Deeds
  5. Worksheet

As you can see, after every module you get worksheets which makes it easy to put your newfound knowledge into action!  Men will be powerless when you execute these tips and techniques, and you can finally get what you want on your terms – whether it’s a one-night stand, a new relationship or fixing up a marriage-gone-dry.



Language of Desire is written by a woman! This is a great benefit as she knows what it’s like being you. She understands how difficult it is to keep a man interested and passionate about your relationship; she’s relatable; she’s been there and following her guide is like having a new best friend unveil the most secretive parts of a man’s erotic mind.

I also really enjoyed how Language of Desire goes through such a wide range of topics – topics that every female on this planet can relate to. Whether you’re single or committed to abstinence, in a long-distance relationship or in a dried-up marriage, you can use this program. There is something for everyone, making it the ultimate woman’s guide to men.

It’s also a huge advantage that the program is online because you certainly don’t want your man or potential beaus to find out your dirty little secrets. And of course, the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is a great feature but you’d be silly to give up the power that can be found in this program.


The only disadvantage I can think of is for men! Women around the world will finally have the upper hand when it comes to relationships, one-night stands fling in between the sheets, marriages – you name it. For years, men have had the upper hand because they are so damn confusing. As women, we simply can’t figure them out. Now we can and that gives every female out there full control over what they want.


I don’t know how I survived in this world without the Language of Desire. This incredible program designed exclusively for women teaches you the techniques, tips, and tricks to creating a spicy connection with your man – any man – without having to change who you are or what you believe it. It uncovers your primal sexuality and teaches you how to use it to fuel your passion and current (or future) relationships. You don’t have to be slutty or do something completely out-of-character; you don’t have to be in a relationship or living with your partner or any of that. As long as you are a woman with a desire to take control of your love life, this is the perfect program for you.

Language of Desire teaches you the secrets that men have kept sacred for all of these years for fear of “wearing their heart on their sleeve.” Now, the power is in your hands and you can do whatever you want with it. And with the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, you have two months to make men weak in the knees. You have nothing to lose.


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